Proteus – 5


Strand walked to the control panel and pulled the handle. The hatch growled as it slid up and into the doorway. Varram stepped out of the locker room and stood in the corridor, unsure of which direction to go. Strand pointed to the right. “The grav-well is this way, sir.”

Varram smiled awkwardly. “Yes, of course.”

The two of them walked along the narrow corridor, and passed a medical staffer, rushing by with a bundle of supplies.  He shouted as he approached. “Make a hole!”

Varram and Strand stood to one side, backs against the wall as he passed.


4 thoughts on “Proteus – 5

    • I’m trying to get in the habit of writing a bit each night, but it’s not working out because I’m working on work work every night until I can’t work any more and then falling asleep and the working again as soon as I get up in the morning…

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