Always Writing

Just in case anyone actually follows this blog, I thought I’d update it with my latest doings.

I am always writing, drawing, animating. The Overlord is my great work, and it proceeds at a snail’s pace. I just finished some artwork for my buddy‘s first novel, which he is self-publishing. I did an animated spot for This Hour Has 22 Minutes which aired this December past, it’s called The Lockout Sweater. I also started teaching at the Centre for Art & Technology, which is a private career college. I also have a short film, animated in stop-motion, that is in progress (and has been for like 2 years now) which is called Onions. I have also writted a couple of scripts for a sci-fi series that a buddy of mine and I are pitching to networks.

..there’s more stuff, but I am out of time for now